According to Google results, if it takes more than 3 seconds to load, half of the visitors leave a website.

If the website takes a long time to load, it also affects the website's ranking on search engines, because search engines want their users to visit quickly loaded websites. 

Nowadays, people want instant results and they don't want to wait, so you have to make sure you speed up the website.

Here are some practical tips to speed up your WordPress website

  • Activate browser caching.
  • Remove plugins that are unwanted.
  • Edit the pictures.
  • There should be limited social sharing buttons.
  • It is necessary to use the content delivery network CDN.
  • Keep up to date with your website.

Enable the caching of the browser

If you want to speed up your website, enabling browser caching is a must. Basically, catching means storing various static files including HTML JavaScript, images, and CSS files and documents.

By doing so, you can activate your server so that when people visit your site, they don't need to access these content all the time. If you're looking for a CDN host, this post highlights some of the top choices.


One of WordPress's best and easiest way to enable catching is with the W3 Full Cache plugin. By browsing the plugins on your dashboard, you can easily set this and just click the Add New button. W3 Total Cache is respected by millions of publishers and has over 4,000 reviews on, reflecting a 5-star score of 4 1⁄2. According to W3 Total Cache, the plugin benefits from at least 10 times the overall performance of the page (Grade A in WebPagetest or significant improvements to Google Page Speed) when completely optimized

Remove the Plugins that are Unnecessary

When you create your own WordPress website, you can easily download loads of plugins, I did it before and when I realized that I had more than 30 plugins. It's crucial to go back and delete unwanted plugins you don't need. This will also help to increase the website's pace. Focus on high performance plugins and install only the best quality plugins.

The numerous requests can be made and additional database queries can be added to your page, which will affect the page speed.

Edit your Image

For WordPress websites, most images are very heavy, affecting speed; heavy images take up a lot of space, increasing the speed. There are several options for optimizing image plugins that you can use to compress your photos without affecting their performance, however WP Smush is my recommendation. The plugin has more than 1 million installations and was reviewed on WordPress ' latest edition. Wp Smush benefits: lossless compression–remove unused data without affecting image quality, optimize up to 50 images with one click and detect incorrect image size–easily find photos that slow your site down.

Social Sharing Button Should be Limited

Many people think that each page of your website will increase traffic by giving the social sharing button, so this is not correct. This will not boost your website's traffic, but it will affect your website's quality and pace. The website quality is affected by having a lot of social media buttons on each page. It's because social media websites have such large footprints throughout the internet and your website has been heavily loaded. Your website's loading time will be affected directly. To boost your website's efficiency, you need to reduce the number of social sharing buttons and leave it to top social channels such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest.

Content Delivery Network CDN should be used

The server location that host the website directly affects the website's pace. If the website you are creating company is in the United Kingdom and their target audience resides in the United States, you would like to find a host based in the United States. There are various CDN servers worldwide. The internet material is supplied by the program to the end users


First create a Cloudflare account on the next page you enter the domain name and click the Add Site button. You can register more than one domain name so you can speed up more than one website. Then click on the next button to pick your project. Click on confirm plan after selecting the plan and you're good to go.

Keep Everything Updated

These latest versions of plugins and WordPress come with the automation and improvements that will help speed up your website.